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The Doctor was introduced to all the chief men of the Fantippo nation and later he was taken to see the post office.


"I took him down the main street of the town till we came to the place where the beggar had his pictures. And as soon as George saw the pictures he knew what was wrong.

南昌到永修 Great was the rejoicing among the Doctor's pets and the patient swallows when the news got about that John Dolittle was really going home at last. Gub-Gub and Jip could hardly wait while the last duties and ceremonies of closing the houseboat to the public and transferring the Foreign Mails Service to the office in the town were performed. Dab-Dab bustled cheerfully from morning to night while Cheapside never ceased to chatter of the glories of London,深海📈 the comforts of a city life and all the things he was going to do as soon as he got back to his beloved native haunts.

Then the Doctor put down the letter and,深海♣ taking his penknife,dda🚒 he cut the seaweed strings that neatly held the oyster shells together. And when he opened the shells he gave a gasp of astonishment.

"Well,dda🈺" said the Doctor,dda🙍 "if you haven't got an island we must make one for you."神探包青天在线观看电视剧网Then the Doctor asked Speedy to send off messages through the birds to every corner of the earth. And to ask all the leaders of seagulls,深海💡 tomtits,dda👪 magpies,dda🐁 thrushes,dda❔ stormy petrels,dda⛳ finches,深海🐔 penguins,深海🔺 vultures,dda👉 snow buntings,深海🌒 wild geese and the rest to come to No-Man's-Land,深海👰 because John Dolittle wanted to speak to them.

And he went out into the kitchen and woke up the housekeeper.


Here the spoonbill was waiting for him at the water's edge. She apologized for not coming in person to welcome him,dda🔆 but said she was afraid to leave her babies when there were sea eagles around. The little ones were with her,dda☝ two scrubby,深海🙊 greasy youngsters,深海🍇 who could walk but not fly. The Doctor opened the package and gave them back their precious toys; and with squawks of delight they began playing marbles on the flat rocks with the enormous pink pearls.南昌到永修"And he caught me in a fishing net and put me in a cage,dda🐝 to keep as a pet.


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    This place he found very different from any of the African villages or settlements he had ever visited. It was quite large,深海🌜 almost a city. It was bright and cheerful to look at and the people,深海® like their King,dda♣ all seemed very kind and jolly.

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    "Sincerely yours,dda⏳

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    "Who is Cheapside?" asked Speedy.

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    Then the Doctor and Zuzana started to paddle their canoe for all they were worth in the direction of the light. The night was calm,深海🌸 but the long swell of the ocean swung the little canoe up and down like a seesaw and it needed all Zuzana's skill to keep it in a straight line.

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    "Now,深海🐚 it happened that the queen had noticed the baby pig within the castle grounds and,深海🚇 being a princess of Irish blood,深海😝 she took a great fancy to him and had a piece of green ribbon tied about his neck and made a regular pet of him,dda✉ much to the disgust of her husband,dda🌝 the king.

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    "Balls of pink putty would suit them just as well,dda📑" snorted Dab-Dab.

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    Another thing in which the Doctor's post office was peculiar was its pens. Most post offices,dda🌛 the Doctor had found,深海🏫 always had abominably bad pens that spluttered and scratched and wouldn't write. In fact very many post offices even nowadays seem to pride themselves on their bad pens. But the Doctor saw to it that his pens were of the very best quality. Of course,dda🉑 in those times there were no steel pens. Only quills were used. And John Dolittle got the albatrosses and the seagulls to keep for him their tail feathers which fell out in the moulting season. And of course,深海🏇 with such a lot of quills to choose from,dda🚰 it was easy to have the best pens in the post office.

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