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But presently the Doctor noticed that after they had licked the gum off the stamps,解说💷 the customers would bring them back and want to exchange them for money again. Now,皇后📋 it is a rule that all post offices have to exchange their own stamps,皇后💝 when asked,解说🐉 for the price paid for them. So long as they are not torn or marked it doesn't matter whether the gum has been licked off or not. So the Doctor saw that he would have to change his kind of gum if he wanted to keep stamps that would stick.

As he arrived at the little group of straw houses he saw that there was some kind of a commotion going on. All the villagers were gathered about the Chief's hut; speeches were being made and everyone seemed in a great state of excitement. The old Chief himself was standing at the door,皇后📱 and when he saw his friend,解说♨ the Doctor,皇后🦋 approaching on the edge of the crowd,解说🔈 he signaled him to come into the hut. This the Doctor did. And as soon as he was inside the Chief closed the door and began to tell him what the trouble was. 关键词 "Tee-hee-hee!" tittered the white mouse.

Then all three men sprang on him with ropes and in a minute his arms and legs were tied and the fight was over.牛胆神偷

The Doctor comforted her as best he could,解说⏳ saying that if he failed he would get her another husband,皇后🗼 just as good. But she didn't seem to care for that idea and went on wailing,解说🚿 "Alas! Alas!"


"Well,解说🐒 you see,解说🍆" said the swallow,皇后🚔 lifting his right leg and showing a tiny red ribbon made of corn silk tied about his ankle,解说🚍 "I got this for it."关键词In the meantime,解说🚥 Speedy and the thrush flew over the land by the short cut to the post office.


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    At length the extraordinary creature that had come to their rescue reached the island; and with Jip and the Doctor still clinging to his wide back,解说📅 he crawled out of the water on to the beach.

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    "Thank goodness,解说🍀 I had you in my pocket!" he said. "That was a most uncomfortable position. I wonder what kind of a prison old Nyam-Nyam got. This is the worst one I was ever in."

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    But,解说🔳 being a full-rigged man-o'-war,解说😵 the Violet was still a pretty speedy sailer. And on she went,皇后📶 furiously plowing the waves and slowly gaining on the slave ship.

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    "I agree,解说📙" said the King. "But the stamps must all have my beautiful face upon them,皇后💑 and no other."

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    "Well,皇后⚪ if I had been conspicuous before,解说🍌 now I was a hundred times more so. Against the black earth,解说🌘 or the green grass,解说🌞 or the white snow,皇后🔫 or brown floors my loud,皇后📟 sky-blue coat could be seen as plain as a pikestaff. The minute I got outside the shed a cat jumped for me. I gave her the slip and got out into the street. There some wretched children spotted me and,皇后🆗 calling to their friends that they had seen a blue mouse,皇后🎅 they hunted me along the gutter. At the corner of the street two dogs were fighting. They stopped their fight and joined the chase after me. And very soon I had the whole blessed town at my heels. It was awful. I didn't get any peace till after night had fallen,皇后🚃 and by that time I was so exhausted with running I was ready to drop.

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    "Bertha Bacon.

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    "Splendid,解说👫" cried the Doctor. "It's a kind of short-hand. You say a whole sentence in four signs."

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    "That's the 'Elephants' March,解说Ⓜ'" said the turtle. "They always played it at the Royal Circus of Shalba for the elephants' procession."

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